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That Chrysler continues to struggle isn't exactly news. As a whole, the auto industry is tanking and cars just aren't moving off dealer lots. Chrysler initially responded by offering buyouts to its entire workforce, and 25% off all its salaried workers took the company up on the offer. Earlier this week, we learned that the ailing Auburn Hills empire will get cozy with Italian automaker Fiat. What we haven't heard as much about, however, is the health of Chrysler's parent company, Cerberus Capit

A lot of salaried employees at Ford will probably move into new assignments or take on additional responsibilities this week, as several thousand of their colleagues end their tenures with the Dearborn company today. Many of the 10,000 or so white collar workers that accepted the buyout offers that became available last fall are walking out for the final time as February comes to a close.