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Watch this jet-powered school bus fly down the drag strip

Sorry teach, this school bus lit my homework on fire

Sorry teach, this school bus lit my homework on fire.

Breedlove says he's going back after 800 mph [w/video]

Hemmings reports that Craig Breedlove is preparing to jump back into the land speed record game in an attempt to break through the 800 mph barrier. Breedlove made a name for himself while vying with Art Arfons for the world land speed record back in the '60s. His efforts eventually landed him the title in his jet-powered Sonic 1, and he would later set a total of 23

VIDEO: Michigan man builds awesome jet-powered F-150

2005 Ford F-150 Jet Truck - Click above to watch the video after the break

For those with a death wish: pulse jet powered bicycle

There's a crazy underground community which focuses on the pulse jet, which history buffs may remember as the powerplant of the German Buzzbombs of World War II. As you could probably guess, the buzz name comes from the sound that the engine makes. As you can see in the video seen here, the buzzing bomb jet engine attached to a retro-style bicycle frame is capable of moving along quite nicely. We're not so sure that your neighbors woul