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Fox News Water Jet Pack FAIL [VIDEO]

Fans of the show are already familiar with the Jet Lev R200 water jet pack featured on this week's episode of TRANSLOGIC. We're just happy that our show isn't broadcast live...

In Detail: More On The Jetlev R200

Much of the reaction to TRANSLOGIC 62: Jetlev R200 has gone something like "OMG MUST HAVE! Oh, wait, it costs $100K..." True, the cost to own a recreational water jet pack may be prohibitive, but that doesn't mean you'll never get the chance to pilot one. According to Jetlev, the experience of flying an R200 won't be exclusive to the Adam Morath

VIDEO: World's Fastest Jet Pack vs. Ford Focus RS

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Weekend fun: Rocket-powered helicopter backpack

A long time ago, there were people experimenting with using pulse jets mounted on the tips of large rotors to make simple helicopters. By the looks of things, the idea just refuses to die, except now, the blades are mounted just inches above the operator's head. Sounds safe, no? Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana (TAM) is behind the project. That company actually does offer some rocket packs which get strapped onto the adventurous rider's bac