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The last time we spoke with Jeff Boyd, he was still COO of Miles Electric Vehicles. This week, though, Ruff and Tuff Electric Vehicles (RTEV) announced that Boyd will take over as president of RTEV's Wheego Street Division. Regular readers will remember Ruff and Tuff as the makers of the Hunter 4x4 EV. Back at Miles EV, Boyd was able to drive the upcoming XS500 highway speed sedan on his way to work but his electric rides will be going a bit slower in the coming months. Over at RTEV, Boyd will l

In an interview by Industry Standard, Miles Automotive CEO Jeff Boyd said the all-electric X500 is "a little over a year" from release. Industry Standard asked what Boyd thought about competition from plug-in hybrids and he replied that he was not aware of any plug-in close to production. Boyd then added that, "We're a little over a year away, so we think we're maybe two or three years ahead of most plug-in hybrid vehicles." Someone should tell Boyd about the Saturn PHEV is scheduled for a relea