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What other automaker would spend the time and expense of developing a new airbag just because, you know, airbags could be better? The same one who developed a new rail car for the same reason. The Japanese automaker has developed a new airbag it claims will give drivers better protection in accidents. The shaped bag uses a spiral seam to induce more even inflation, which provides a larger surface area and creates uniform pressure around the bag more quickly than in a conventional airbag system.

Could the country that gave us the NSX, Godzilla -- and the other Godzilla -- and The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift be on the verge of giving up cars for good? With car buying down by close to 33-percent since 1990, Japan is claimed to be in the grips of kuruma banare, which, for Japanese carmakers, is the polar opposite of hakuna matata.

Mazda has just launched a revamped version of their micro-car, the Carol X, in Japan. The four door Carol gets a reworked front end and interior with new seats and trim. The power-train features a 660cc engine mated up with a choice of 5 manual and three or four speed automatic transmissions. This tiny machine is also available in both front or wheel drive versions. The new version is also certified as an SU-LEV in Japan making it eligible for Green Tax reductions. The exhaust emissions come in