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Towns in Tennessee, Michigan, and Wisconsin are all vying for a chance to keep their existing plants running by coming up with the most attractive package to woo assembly rights for a future unnamed General Motors small car. In the showdown, the first place plant will win the right to stay open, while the other two will be consigned to history. Last week, officials from Spring Hill, Tennessee said that The General was allegedly looking for over $200 million in upfront cash as part of any deal.

Provided that it survives bankruptcy, General Motors plans to build a small car somewhere in the US. The General has stated that it is investigating three sites to build the yet unnamed vehicle; Janesville, Wisconsin; Orion, Michigan; and Spring Hill Tennessee. GM previously announced that all three facilities would close, though it subsequently said that one location would ultimately reopen.

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I bet people in Evansville are hoping this article contains the truth. The Janesville Gazette quotes officials from North Prairie Productions, who are opening up a new biodiesel plant in Evansville, Wisc., saying that the plant's environmental footprint will be clean and green. The water discharged from the plant will be similar to what goes down the drain after taking a bath, they say. The plant's odor will be of soybeans, and not dangerous. And airborne discharges won't show up on the Departme

Tonight, 60 Minutes will air a segment on Steve Kroft’s interview with workers at General Motors' plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. Kroft, a correspondent for CBS, interviewed former and current employees of the plant at a nearby restaurant. He questions them about the automaker’s past and current financial situations; and how it will affect Janesville and the United Auto Workers.