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Uber finally unveils its highly anticipated IPO filing

Company could be valued as high as $120 billion

Company could be valued as high as $120 billion.

Approaching IPO, Lyft cautious about expanding beyond North America

Rival Uber operates in over 70 countries

Rival Uber operates in over 70 countries.

Lyft files for stock IPO

Set to beat rival Uber to the stock market

Set to beat rival Uber to the stock market.

Chinese EV maker NIO slumps then bounces back in U.S. IPO [Update]

Shares recover after falling 15 percent one day after debut

Shares in NIO fell 15 percent one day after the company's IPO.

Uber hires CFO after lengthy search, paving way for IPO

The position had been vacant since 2015

The position had been vacant since 2015.

China's Didi to invest $1 billion in its auto services platform

A Didi IPO would be huge, given its $56 billion valuation last year

A Didi IPO would be huge, given its $56 billion valuation last year.

Aston Martin may soon follow Ferrari with a London IPO

The move was a huge boon for the Italian automaker.

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Knightscope Heads to New York | Autoblog Minute

The Silicon Valley startup Knightscope went to New York to launch their Mini-IPO.

Elio will go public soon, use modular audio system from MTX

In Detroit, Paul Elio Explains How Things Will Work

Things are moving forward pretty much as planned for Elio Motors, the company that wants to make affordable, highly efficient three-wheelers in the US.

Elio's $25M public share offering will lead to 25 new test vehicles

High-MPG trike maker Elio will use $25 million raised by selling shares to the general public to make 25 test and engineering vehicles.

Ferrari to list stock on Italian exchange

A little over a month since launching its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, Ferrari applied to list its stock on the Borsa Italiana in Milan.

Ferrari stock demand exceeding supply

The Ferrari IPO is oversubscribed throughout its price range, investors telling banks that the potential 18.89 million shares on offer won't come close to satisfying demand.

FCA launches Ferrari IPO

Ferrari is officially launching its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, where it will be listed under the symbol RACE.

What's the smarter investment, Ferrari stock or a Ferrari?

Ferrari is set to launch its Initial Public Offering on the stock exchange. But will the shares be able to keep up with the investment value of a classic Ferrari?

Ferrari officially files SEC paperwork to register future IPO

Ferrari has filed the necessary paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch the company's IPO later in the year. The documents don't set a specific timeframe for the offering or price for the shares.

Ferrari worth over $11 billion, says Marchionne ahead of IPO

Sergio Marchionne figures Ferrari is worth $11 billion. Yes, that's right: billion, with a B. And we'll soon find out as the company's IPO is just around the corner.

Ferrari stock sale pegged for October, or later

If you're planning on buying Ferrari stocks, don't plan on getting them before Columbus Day, as the parent FCA has pushed the IPO off until after October 12.

Ferrari family won't sell stake in company

Piero Ferrari reportedly rules out selling any of the shares his family still holds in the company his father founded, despite the IPO which its parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is launching.

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