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Australia's recently seated prime minister, Julia Gillard, is just now talking about a "cash for clunkers' program when most other countries ended theirs ages ago. Yet for Gillard, the program isn't about stimulating car sales but rather about stimulating the Earth: Gillard wants to get about ten percent of Oz's two million pre-1995 vehicles off the roads.

Hyundai plans to be the first automaker to offer plug-in electric cars in New Zealand. The Korean automaker will be working with its local distributor in New Zealand to retrofit the subcompact Getz to run on batteries. The complete cars will be shipped to New Zealand as usual where the conventional powertrains will be removed. An electric motor, batteries and electronics will be installed to give the electric Getz a range of about 75 miles on a charge and a 75 mph top speed. A quick charge is ex

What a difference a day makes, or a few years at least. While many automakers were rushing to add premium models to their lineups just a few years ago, today the buzzword is affordability. Perhaps a ripple effect of high gas prices, or the green movement, or even the emerging third-world automotive markets, everybody seems to be thinking cheap. In response, BusinessWeek has compiled a list of super affordable vehicles that will be available over the next couple of years. The common factor here i

The 2006 GreenFleet Awards, designed to get fleet owners to greenify their vehicles, were held last week. There were dozens of categories rewarding electric vehicle producers, alternative fuel distributors and more. One interesting award was given to the winner of a 30-mile fuel burning test drive through central London. While the Hyundai Getz in the event didn't win outright, it did burn less fuel than two Toyota Priuses in the competition. The Hyundai Getz 1.5 CRTD won the Transport for London