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Virgin Hyperloop One recruits former MTA chief as CEO

The company has changed leadership again

The company has changed leadership again.

Here's what a Virgin Hyperloop One pod interior might look like

The design challenge: The lack of windows

One of the challenges in designing a Hyperloop pod is overcoming the fact that there won't be any windows, unlike in an airplane. That could result in a claustrophobic environment, especially as Hyperloop passengers will have to remain seated for the entire duration of the journey. Designworks, a BMW-owned design consultancy, has created a prototype interior for the Virgin Hyperloop One, unveiled recently in Dubai.

No hyperloop yet, but there's a hyperloop mobile app

Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Virgin Hyperloop One clocks speed record in video

$50 million in new funding as Sir Richard Branson takes a chair

Watch the Virgin Hyperloop One XP-1 hit 240 mph.

Denver will test Hyperloop-inspired transport system

Arrivo will build a car transporter in a tube to shrink the city's long journey times.

Colorado's Department of Transportation has teamed up with Arrivo.

Hyperloop One raises $245M, needs 10 times that for Colorado route

360-mile route would connect Denver, Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Vail

It would bring in $2 billion in annual revenue, and do even more to boost the regional economy.

Watch Hyperloop One passenger pod hit 192 mph in first test

The tube was drawn down to a near vacuum, to the air pressure at 200,000 feet altitude.

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Successful Test For Hyperloop One | Autoblog Minute

Hyperloop One had its first successful test. The test lasted 5.3 seconds as the sled reached 70 MPH. Next up, more tests as Hyperloop One attempts to achieve 250 MPH with the XP-1 pod.

Hyperloop One lists 11 potential US routes and finishes its test tube

The company seeks 500 engineers and fabricators by year end.

Hyperloop One high-speed transportation project considers 11 routes ranging from 64 to 1,152 miles.

Hyperloop One shows off Nevada test site; public trial soon

500-meter section of tube has been built outside Las Vegas.

The "DevLoop" test track is big enough for passengers.

Brogan BamBrogan's Arrivo takes aim at Hyperloop One

'The Arrival Company' promises a 'unique take' on the hyperloop.

After a messy split with Hyperloop One, former employees start their own hyperloop company.

Hyperloop One settles lawsuit with former employees

Not that things look particularly easy moving forward...

Hyperloop One getting serious about Dubai-Abu Dhabi route

A trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi may take just 12 minutes.

This high-speed tube system can push transportation pods as fast as 750 miles per hour, twice as fast as a high-speed train.

Here's a first look at the SpaceX Hyperloop test track

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Just what Hyperloop One needed: true lawsuit craziness

There could have been a Hyperloop Two.

If you like salacious court filings and have heard of Hyperloop One, you're gonna love this.

Hyperloop One Metalworks is now a thing

Also, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies could bring augmented windows to Deutsche Bahn.

One way to get beyond Brogan BamBrogan's departure is to make sparks fly.

First Hyperloop feasibility study promises huge economic return

It'd be pricey, but ultimately worth it if these numbers are correct.

The line would run between Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden, and would cut the commute time from hours to just 28 minutes.

Latest hyperloop news; augmented reality windows, new Silk Road

HTT's hyperloop could use augmented reality windows; Hyperloop One is ready to move stuff.

An example of how the two different Hyperloop companies are approaching their task can be seen in a new video and a new agreement.

Who are all these Hyperloop companies?

How well do you know HTT and H1? And then what about AECOM?

When you compare the status of Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, you see that they're both moving along fine, but in different ways.

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Hyperloop One Tests Propulsion Tech In Desert | Autoblog Mintue

Hyperloop One demonstrated its technology this week with an open air test in the Nevada desert. The company sent a 1,500 pound metal sled blasting across a 300 meter track.

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