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Hybrid taxis in NY endangered?

Let's get one fact straight right off the bat: no current vehicles on American roadways were designed from the start to serve as taxis. Sure, the Crown Victoria from Ford may be the most often used vehicle for taxi service around the country, but it and its Fox platform were not specifically designed to be used as a taxi. We're not suggesting that the Crown Vic doesn't make a good people-mover, but its or

The "Greenest City in America" can win a free fleet of hybrid taxis

This morning in Times Square, Yahoo!, Matt Dillon and Global Green USA challenged American citizens to be green for their cities, with a prize of a fleet of hybrid taxis going to the "Greenest City In America." The challenge takes place online, part of the new Yahoo! Green site and the "Be a Better Planet" program. New York City gets a bit of a bonus, maybe for hosting the kick-off: their own free hybrid taxi fle