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Forty-four out of fifty. 88 percent. Almost nine out of ten. However you name it, it's getting easier to asks Travelers Insurance for a ten percent discount on your auto insurance if you drive a hybrid. Company officials have just announced that Georgia is the latest state where residents can qualify for the discount. That list is now 44 states long. The missing states? Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, North and South Dakota, West Virginia.

After previously announcing their intention to offer discounts to owners of hybrid vehicles in Ohio, Farmers Insurance is now expanding the program to another 37 states. Customers of Farmers Insurance in all 41 states where they operate will be eligible for discounts of up to 10 percent on all their coverage. The discounts are available to owners of hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles. The discounts were first offered in California in 2005. According to Farmers Insurance vice president Bill Ma

An insurance company in Britain, Co-operative Insurance, launched a new insurance program for drivers that not only gives drivers of "green" cars a discount, it also provides drivers of more standard (i.e., high-polluting) cars a chance to offset their carbon emissions. The campaign, called the Eco Motor Insurance, offsets twenty percent of a car's CO2 emissions if that car is covered by the policy. Co-operative Insurance (CIS) is going green not just with their policies, but with their faciliti