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Think $3 a gallon is bad? $3.50 is coming soon, say 72 percent of Americans

The little post I put up last night forecasted gas prices hitting maybe around $3.10 (on average) in the United States this summer. The pro-fuel efficiency group 40mpg.org says that most Americans (72 percent) believe prices will climb even higher in the next few months.

AutoblogGreen for 08.21.06

Very fast. Very old. Very new. That's the short version of the vehicles in the image above. On the left, there's the JCB Dieselmax, which broke the diesel land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats last week. In the middle, there's a 1918 Detroit electric vehicle for sale on eBay. And on the left, we've got the new motorcycle/car Carver, which already gets 43 mpg and a hybrid/flexible fuel version is on the way. All this and more at AutoblogGreen.

New group launches for Hybrid Owners of America

Hybrid drivers already get special perks in some areas by being able to drive in high-occupancy lanes (and, of course, you could call using less gasoline a perk), but they may soon speak with a more unified voice for more legislative benefits, if the new group Hybrid Owners of America (HOA) gets its way. The group was announced and the HOA website went live yesterday. The site will try to get the estimated 500,000 American hybrid owners to work

Hybrid owners get their own lobby group

You know you're in the big time when you have your very own lobbying group in Washington, and American hybrid car owners took that step Thursday, with the unveiling of a new group called "Hybrid Owners of America."