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Why We Took Translogic Overseas: Japanese Car Culture

Translogic goes trans-Pacific for Episode 8.3, the first of six epsiodes we'll be bringing you from Japan. Which begs the question: Why?

SolarBullet Campaign shoots for high-speed solar train

There's no doubt that solar energy is one of the greenest sources of electricity and the idea of using it to power transportation is not new. We've seen solar-powered boats and solar-powered cars before, among other things, but we didn't kno

Why conservatives should support the "good kind" of public transit

Public transportation options – Click above for high-res image gallery

SAE 2009: Govs. Granholm and Schwarzenegger talk green mobility

Click above to read more about the Governors' opening talk at SAE 2009

Japan ups the ante again on high speed trains, 217 mph!

The Japanese already have some of the fastest trains in the world and it looks like Kawasaki Heavy Industries is about to give travelers another reason not to get airborne. The new Environmentally Friendly Super Express Train will hit speeds up to 217 mph thanks to a slick shape to slice through the air and lightweight construction. Those same features will help the electrically-powered super-train use less energy. Also contributing to reduced energy consumption is a regenerative braking system