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If you think we've got it bad here when it comes to fuel prices, our friends in Europe have it far worse. Gasoline is now $8.75/gallon in the UK and it is having a real impact on people's behavior. In a report from the International Energy Agency, it appears that British drivers are taking the high prices to heart and seeking alternatives. Gas station operators in the UK have reported a 20 percent drop in sales over the past year. With fuel costs making it impractical to run their vehicles, more

Mike Jackson is the Chairman and CEO of Auto Nation, the largest dealership group in the United States. Auto Nation showrooms around the country sell just about every brand of car offered here and Jackson is actually glad to see gas above $4 a gallon. While this may seem odd since sales have been in free fall lately, especially the once mighty and profitable full-size truck and SUV segment, it actually makes a lot of sense if you look out past the next quarterly report. For far too long, America

Above: A mule team working the field in 1910. And maybe 2010?