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Hawai'i opens first public electric vehicle charging station

We've been saying for ages that Hawai'i is really the ideal electric vehicle target, and in one week, it'll be even more perfect. After all, the islands are small (no reason for range anxiety), it's warm (no cold weather effect on batteries), it imports a lot of oil, which makes oil-free cars doubly important. Starting January 23rd, the first public electric car charging station

Phoenix Motorcars is not dead, will bring electric vehicles to Maui (UPDATED)

Curious about what Phoenix Motorcars has been up to? Taking trips to Hawai'i, apparently. The California company behind the all-electric Phoenix SUT (above) and SUV has announced it will bring electric vehicles to Maui by next year. What's interesting is that the Hawai'i-Phoenix joint press release also talks about Phoenix building "an electric vehicle infrastructure" there. In the statement, Gov. Lingle said that th

Why electric car companies should be focused on this one ideal EV market: Hawaii

I'm currently in sunny Hawaii doing research on a book. Having come from Michigan, where gas prices had dropped down to $2.20 a gallon or so before I left, the $3 a gallon signs up at all the local stations here reminded me that transportation fuel is a big cost here in "paradise". Walking around the other day, I had the most obvious brainstorm: Hawaii is the ideal testing ground for electric vehicles. Seriously. Electric car companies should be falling over each other to release EVs here, and t