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2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle starts under $30,000

A tax incentive makes it a little cheaper

A tax incentive makes it a little cheaper.

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Harley-Davidson shows off production LiveWire electric motorcycle

The electric hog gets fleshed out

The electric hog gets fleshed out.

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Harley-Davidson shows off adventure, streetfighter and cruiser motorcycle concepts

Along with a massive push into electric bikes starting in 2019

Along with a massive push into electric bikes starting in 2019.

Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle confirmed for production within 18 months

The LiveWire concept was no dead end.

If it's anything like the LiveWire, it'll be good.

Harley-Davidson confirms electric motorcycle, 100 new models

'I often refer to it as sounding like a jet fighter.'

The launch date is still up in the air.

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We will see an electric Harley-Davidson within five years

Don't expect it to resemble Livewire.

A Harley powered by batteries will put bugs in your teeth before 2021.

We ride the Harley-Davidson Livewire into the sunset

And Ask What It All Even Means

I caught up with Harley-Davidson's Project Livewire on its last US stop to go for a ride and evaluate the program. Could an electric motorcycle really make it to dealerships?

Harley-Davidson Livewire electric bike would cost $50k if made today

Harley-Davidson President and COO Matt Levatich rode into the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council's yearly confab on a Project LiveWire – that's the un-Harley electric motorcycle concept, its loudest noise coming from riders singing its praises and shocked onlookers reappraising the brand. While we know that the LiveWire is still being developed, Levatich's co

Translogic 162: Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire

Harley Goes All-Electric With LiveWire Concept Motorcycle

For many, Harley-Davidson stands for freedom, individuality and, most importantly, the loud, lumpy rumble of a powerful gas engine. That's why the storied motorcycle manufacturer has been cautious in its approach to electrification. In order to gauge response to an all-electric hog, Harley-Davidson has set out on a global tour dubbed Project LiveWire.

Leno rides Harley-Davidson Livewire EV

Harley-Davidson shocked the motorcycling world when it unveiled its Livewire electric bike concept earlier this year. It seemed to go from vague rumors to a full-on, existing piece of machinery in just a matter of days. Even more amazing, the company immediately l

First Ride
Harley-Davidson LiveWire [w/video]

Testing For The Future By Breaking With The Past

Days before Harley-Davidson shocked the world with news that after 111 years of building increasingly larger, gas-powered V-twins, it was going all Tesla with its plug-in electric LiveWire, I had the chance to ride it.

Harley-Davidson shows Project Livewire electric motorcycle [w/video]

When Bob Dylan dropped his acoustic in the 1960s and switched to an electric guitar the stodgy world of folk music lost its collective mind. Now, another native son of the Midwest is making a similar shift. Harley-Davidson a brand best known for rumbling V-twin engines and loud chrome pipes is announcing its first electric motorcycle with the Project Livewire.