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With the unification of Fiat and Chrysler, we're been expecting major changes in the corporate structure of the two automakers and their various brands. Most recently, Lancia chief executive Olivier Francois was named head of the Chrysler division, leading to reports that the two brands – similarly positioned in the sub-luxury premium segment – will be integrated into one unit. Now similar reports place the Abarth, Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands under common leadership.

Turnover rates at the top of the chain at Maserati continue to rise as the Trident marque searches for stability and growth. Since taking over Maserati from De Tomaso, the Fiat Group has appointed a long stream of executives to lead the marque. None have seemed to pass muster, however. Martin Leach (previously head of Ford in Europe) was replaced by former Rolls-Royce chief Karl Heinz Kalbfell in 2005, who was subsequently axed in favor of Roberto Ronchi in 2006. Now, following the departure of