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Germany's governing body for motorsports has announced new rules for the Nurburgring that will allow GT3 cars to run again after last month's fatal accident.

If there's one rumor that's rounded the mill more than any other, it's the notion of Volkswagen getting into Formula One. After all, it is one of the largest automakers (certainly the largest European one) that isn't in the sport now or didn't recently shutter its program. But while reports over the past year speculated on the possibility, the last one we ran with seemed to have put the issue to rest as the German automaker ruled out the possibility. Or did it?

This year's Sprint Cup was awarded this past weekend at Homestead, where Jimmie Johnson scored his record fourth consecutive championship with a fifth-place finish behind race winner Denny Hamlin. (Oh yeah, "spoiler alert".) Anyway, on to the interesting part: the oval speedway had some unlikely German visitors for the series finale, leading the motorsport press and the fans to begin asking questions.