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H-Racer - the hydrogen toy - named Consumer Silver Award Winner

The toy we've featured more than any other on AutoblogGreen (as far as I can remember) is the H-Racer, a hydrogen-powered car. Looks like we're not the only ones paying attention. The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and BusinessWeek have named the H-Racer and the compatible Hydrogen Station Set, made by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, the Consumer Silver Award Win

Batteries seriously not included: are fuel cells just another child's toy?

We have shown you the Hydrogen fuel cell toy car for entertainment use, and now we can share with you some more hydrogen fuel cell toys. Here we have the Hydrocar, a non-controllable hydrogen powered vehicle. Is it a good idea to get kids hooked on the idea of hydrogen as a

Hydrogen fuel-cell powered H-racer toy wins cool award

In their third annual Bottom Line Design Awards for ingenuity in business success, Business 2.0 and Frog Design have awarded the H-racer hydrogen fuel-cell powered toy as one of "the 11 coolest new products on the Planet." The toy car, created by Dane Muldoon