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Click image for a gallery of the VW GX3 concept

It's speculation time again. Zap has announced that they will be making an announcement next month about another proposed electric vehicle. Based on what we know about Zap, what kind of vehicle might this be? With the $30,000 price target and Zap's limited resources to develop a vehicle, it will almost assuredly be based on something that already exists, much like the Zap-X is supposed to be based on the Lotus APX concept.

click on the above image to view a high-res gallery of the VW GX3

Click on the image for a gallery of 29 images of the VentureOne concept and the Carver three-wheeler.

Click on the image for a gallery of 29 images of the VentureOne concept and the Carver three-wheeler.

Triazuma, Quadrazuma (click here for Autoblog coverage) and GG-Quad (here for Autoblog)? What do they all have in common, besides the sorta-funny names? These are all vehicles which are based on motorcycles, but with more than the standard two wheels. None of these machines leans, and it is clear that other major automakers and bike builders have considered the idea as well. The benefits to such a machine are good fuel economy, outstanding performance and relatively low price considering the fir

Way back in April, amidst all the cooing of the new TT, AutoExpress reported that motorcycle manufacture KTM was collaborating with Audi to make a lightweight roadster, squarely aimed at the Elise crowd. The stats were enough to make your pants tight: liberal use of carbon fiber to bring weight down around 2,600 lbs., a naught to 60 time of under six-seconds, all while returning 50 MPG. We were excited. Then we caught wind that the VW GX3 was never going to come to market, due to pesky lawyers a

Sadly, Volkswagen looks ready to pull the plug on its GX3 project, which only weeks ago looked set to put the three-wheeled star of this year's L.A. Auto Show in U.S. showrooms by 2007. AutoWeek reports that concerns about U.S. liability laws have driven a stake through the heart of the project, which, although not officially dead, is at best on life-support.

The VW GX3 was the runaway hit of the rather staid L.A. Auto Show this past January. Volkswagen hinted at the possibly of producing the three-wheeler but, c’mon, we weren’t taking them seriously.