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Earlier this year, Gushan Environmental Energy Limited reached an annual biodiesel production capacity of 240,000 tons with a new plant in Beijing. At the time, Gushan said they hoped to reach an annual capacity of 400,000 tons by the end of 2008. They are now getting 50,000 tons closer.

Moving up to 240,000 tons of annual biodiesel production capacity, the Gushan Environmental Energy company has begun producing biodiesel at new plant near Beijing, China. The 50,000 tons-a-year plant (soon to be expanded to 100,000) is the company's fourth. In a statement available after the break, Gushan says that it expects to reach 400,000 tons annual production capacity by the end of this year. The good news, for those of you who were just struck by visions of endless swaths of soybean or ra