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China's Great Wall looking to expand sales to third European country

While Brilliance takes its leave of the European market for product unbecoming, another Chinese manufacturer, Great Wall, is planning to penetrate further into Europe. The company has been in global markets for about ten years and expects to ship 60,000 vehicles internationally this year, a return to its 2008 number. Some of those will include the Wingle pickup (pictured) that curren

Great Wall cars headed to Europe in 2010

Great Wall Phenom Concept -- Click above for high-res image

Shanghai 2009: Great Wall CHCO11 balances concept kit with production body

Great Wall CHC011 - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Shanghai 2009: Nevermind the BMW, Great Wall's Hover M3 is deep-puddle approved!

Great Wall Hover H3 - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Hover Crafts: China's Great Wall said to be readying whole lineup of like-badged crossovers

China's Great Wall Motor has big plans for expansion outside its home country, and rumor has it that the marque plans to launch an entire vehicle line based on its popular Hover CUV. While it's true that many Chinese automakers tend to crib designs from other manufacturers, Great Wall takes it a step further and borrows the entire chassis from an older Toyota 4Runner model. The exterior styling for the current Hover is based on the unloved Isu

China's Great Wall readying high-riding four-door coupe?

Great Wall CHC011 - Click above for a gallery of images

Chrysler may partner with Great Wall on small car

One of Chrysler's long term success trategies is to partner with as many other automakers as possible to share the burden of developing new cars that would otherwise sink the Auburn Hills-based company if it were forced to go it alone. For the longest time we've known that the Pentastar was in talks with various Chinese automakers to develop a small car, and so far the only fruit of that

Chrysler may be teaming up with China's Great Wall for small car

Chrysler's much ballyhooed deal with China's Chery Motors to build small cars hasn't yielded much of value for the Auburn Hills manufacturer yet. Chrysler offers a Dodge-branded version of the Chery A1 in South America, but no new cars have emerged yet. It looks like Chrysler may now be working with a new Chinese partner to build an A-segment car. Great Wall has been better known up to now for building cars with a startling resemblance to models from other manufacturers, such as the first genera

Beijing '08 Preview: Great Wall Peri EV

It would seem that a green theme will be present when Auto China 2008 kicks off in Beijing on Saturday. We've already seen BYD's e6 concept, and next up is an electric version of the Great Wall Peri. The Peri is the car that raised the ire of Fiat due to its strong resemblance to the Panda. Copycatting arguments aside

Chinese automakers copy everything else, why not the Transformers?

click above image to view all the Chinese Transformers

Do you prefer the 1st gen Scion xA and xB? Great Wall's got you covered

If Great Well weren't building cars for the Chinese market, they would most likely be making Rolexx watches or Hermez bags. Instead, they are showing a lineup of six cars at the Shanghai Motor Show this week including at least two that will be familiar to Autoblog readers. For those of you who preferred the original Scion lineup to the Sam Abuelsamid

How do you say 'lazy designers' in Chinese? Coolbear.

Great Wall Automobile Xiong debuted this, the Coolbear, last week in China, proving, once again, that originality is a scarce commodity when it comes to Chinese car design.

Chinese automakers vying for coveted NAIAS space

For those in the industry, it's common knowledge that Detroit's Cobo Hall isn't exactly the sprawling chunk of real estate that automakers want and need from the venue for the most important auto show in North America. Regardless, North American International Auto Show executives are pushing for U.S. market hopefuls Hunan Changfeng Motor Co. Ltd., Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. and Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Co.