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Michigan hoping to replace automakers with filmmakers

While your next car might not be made in Michigan, the next movie you see might be. At least it could work out that way if Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm's plan succeeds.

Crotchety Clint looks great in Gran Torino trailer

The first official trailer for Clint Eastwood's latest film, Gran Torino, which opens on December 17, has arrived over at Apple's movie trailer web page. Available in a variety of sizes including HD, but unfortunately not embedable, the trailer shows Clint using the gruffest voice possible to disparage the Asian family who moved in next door. Clint's character, however, becomes a hero after

New Clint Eastwood vehicle titled Gran Torino

While he's shown a certain flair for historical pieces, we sincerely doubt that Clint Eastwood would forego his formidable film-crafting talent to make a documentary about a mid 1970's Ford that can be had for a dollar per pound. Details are scant, but Warner Brothers has targeted December 2008 as a release date for Gran Torino, which Eastwood both star