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Helen and John Taylor have done it again. The husband and wife team of hyper-milers fuel stretchers have just broken their own "48 Contiguous U.S. States Fuel Economy Guinness World Record" with an average of 67.9 miles per gallon. That's quite a bit better than the duo's previous record of just over 58 mpg, and it was recorded over three weeks and more than 9,000 miles without such controversial and potentially dangerous techniques as drafting or rolling through stop signs.

How would you like to save more than $2,000 a year in gas expenses simply by switching tires? This week Goodyear rolled out its Fuel Max tires for big-rig tractors and trailers. The company says a new compound and tread design can improve fuel economy by up to 8%, but Goodyear told FleetOwner.com that the real-world savings should be around 4% and the tires will have slightly less mileage in the drive position than non-Fuel Max treaded tires.