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VIDEO: General Motors centennial celebration to be broadcast on GMNext

Tuesday is the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of General Motors by Billy Durant. In spite of the financial crisis swirling around all three of the Detroit-based automakers, GM intends to take that day to celebrate. Part of that celebration includes the official unveiling of the production design of the Chevy Volt and supposedly some other surprises. Sebastian and I will be on hand live in Detroit on Tuesday, but you can follow the events in a live webcast at GMNext.com. Several more on-l

Volt design director Bob Boniface to chat on GMNext Tuesday

Over the past week, Bob Boniface has been doing a lot of talking about the Chevy Volt and Tuesday afternoon he'll be at it again. For those who may not recognize the name, Boniface is the director of the E-Flex Design Studio at GM which includes responsibility for the look and feel of the production Chevrolet Volt. This time around Boniface will be participating in an online chat over at the GM Next site. If your questions about the design direction of the Volt or other E-Flex vehicles haven't b

VIDEO: GM engineer trying to debunk some ethanol myths

One reality of biofuels (not to mention most things related to cars or technology) is that those of who read sites like this one are outliers. The majority of people out there (especially politicians) have at best a superficial knowledge of what alternative fuels are and whether they can use them in their vehicles. Over on the GMnext site they have posted a new video asking people on the street if they know what E85 is, where it comes from and whether its better for the environment. As most of

GM Manager to chat about Spanish solar project live on GMNext

We recently told you about a General Motors assembly plant in Spain that was getting its roof covered in solar panels. For those that are interested in learning more about the project the GMNext site will be holding another in their ongoing series of live chats with GM leaders. On Thursday July 17 from 3-4pm EDT you can log on to the GMNext site and pose your questions about the project to Rob Threlkeld. Th

Ask GM's Bob Kruse why they don't make 100mpg cars this Friday

This Friday you'll finally get your chance a General Motors executive where they hid the mythical 200mpg carburetor and the water engine. The latest edition of the series of online chats being held on GMnext occurs this Friday at 9am EST. The guest chatter will be Bob Kruse, Executive Director of Global Vehicle Engineering Hybrids, Electric Vehicles and Batteries at GM and the subject is "Why don't automakers make a 100mpg car?"

GM Biofuels manager responds to Minnesota E20 study

Over on the GMnext blog, Coleman Jones has posted a response to the recent push to go from E10 to E20 at regular gas pumps in Minnesota. Jones is the Manger of Biofuels Implementation at GM Powertrain. While GM has obviously been a huge proponent of the expanded use of ethanol, they are reluctant to endorse this move toward E20. Their con

GM invites you to talk about the environment on GMNext tomorrow

General Motors is inviting people to participate in an online chat on Wednesday, Feb. 6 (i.e., tomorrow) to talk about the environment. GM North America Vice President of Field Sales, Service and Parts Brent Dewar will be on hand between noon and 1pm EST to talk about the company's impact on the environment and what they are doing to reduce it. If you're interested in posing your questions to Dewar, just head over to http://www.gmnext.com/LiveChat.as

Pose your questions to Hummer and Cadillac leaders at GMnext.com

GM launched their GMnext web site last week where, among other things, company leaders will be holding on-line Q&A sessions from time to time. People (that means you) can log on to the web-site at the appointed times and fire off your queries to a variety of GM officials. Readers of ABG might be interested in chatting with the designer of the HUMMER HX and a Cadillac Project Manager.