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One of the lucky participants who got to drive one of GM's Fuel Cell Equinoxes as part of Project Driveway ,Matt Mackey, blogs about his experience at the wheel of the vehicle. He's not the first one to do so, but as with the other fuel-cell blogger, he comes back greatly impressed. He considers this car the future of the automobile and what a revolution it was, since he believes that the fuel will be made at home with solar cells and tap water. Mackey also explains how the 3-month test was not

As we wrote on April Fool's Day (but wasn't a joke), GM's vice president for research & development and planning, Larry Burns, delivered a speech at the National Hydrogen Association conference highlighting his GM's bullish stance on hydrogen cars. Reuters spoke to Burns about his speech and learned of the General's plans to have 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles driving in California between 2012 and 2014. Through Project Driveway, GM already has around 60 fuel cell Equinoxes in SoCal, and

"Reports of my death" the fuel cell might say "have been greatly exaggerated." Market Watch spoke with Larry Burns (see video below the fold), VP Research & Development & Strategic Planning for GM, at the launch of Virgin's fuel cell fleet and he is very bullish on fuel cells. Burns said that while today there are hundreds of fuel cell vehicles on the roads today, there will be thousands by 2012 and then hundreds of thousands or even millions "within our grasp" in the "next decade." A lo

Virgin Atlantic announced that it has joined forces with Chevy's "Project Driveway" program. Richard Branson's airline is going to use three Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for its "complimentary ground transfer service for upper class passengers" for planes landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The program will last for 30 months. Virgin and Chevrolet are studying the possibility to expand this service to New York.

There is certainly no lack of people willing to make bold pronouncements regarding hydrogen cars. Over the summer, we heard about a million hydrogen-powered vehicles in India by 2020. Last year, there was talk of six million hydrogen cars in Europe by that same date. Today, over in Shanghai, GM vice president Elizabeth Lowery told Reuters that GM will be the first company to make a million fuel cell-powered vehicles. Lowery was helping to unveil the hydrogen Chevy Equinox in China.

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