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I missed covering this tidbit of information last week while I was traipsing through Europe, but some interesting information emerged when GM released their March sale results. GM has been making an awful lot of noise about their two-mode hybrid system with lots of announcements about all the vehicles the system will be installed in. What they aren't bragging much about is sales. That's because there isn't much to brag about. In fact it appears that the sum total of hybrid sales for all models o

Previous rumors that GM might price their new Two-Mode hybrid SUVs in the low $40K region to grab market share have proven untrue as the company has finally revealed the pricing. The rear-wheel-drive Tahoe will weigh in at a base price of $50,490 with the four wheel drive GMC Yukon topping out at $53,775 with all prices including a $900 destination charge. Without knowing exactly what equipment is included on the hybrid models, it's hard to say exactly what the hybrid premium on these SUVs will