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This is what bringing a behemoth back down to the proper size looks like. General Motors is looking for every way to conserve its ever thinning supply of money, and while April sales were better, the overall picture is decidedly grim.

The pain just keeps on coming for workers at General Motors. The company confirmed this morning that it will eliminate 10,000 salaried positions around the world before the end of this year. That will take GM's global white collar staff from 73,000 down to 63,000. Of the 10,000 heads to be cut, 3,400 will be in the United States where the company currently has 29,500 white collar staff. Those jobs will be eliminated by the end of April through another program of buyouts.

Back in July, General Motors announced its plan to reduce salary spending by 20% and its white-collar workforce by 15% or 5,100 jobs. Those workers are out of a job on November 1st, but a new round of job cuts means even more empty cubicles for the world's largest automaker. The Detroit News is reporting that GM plans to lay off more white-collar workers despite having already reached its goal of reducing the company's salaried workforce by 5,100 jobs. While a specific number of how many more jo

The old equation holds true: fewer cars sold means fewer workers required to assemble them. This basic truth has been proven once again with GM's announced lay-offs of some 1,500 hourly workers, The cut's breakdown includes about 700 workers from General Motor's Pontiac assembly plant, about 400 each at both its Wilmington, Delaware, assembly plant and its Detroit-Hamtramck facility.

General Motors is looking to reduce its salaried (read: non-unionized) workforce by 5,000 employees by the end of the year, leaving the beleaguered automaker with 27,000 white-collar jobs in total. This 15% head-count reduction is part of an ongoing effort to trim costs as the automaker continues to hemorrhage cash.

Beginning in January 2008 GM will start cutting back production at its Moraine, Ohio plant. The plant produces mid-size SUVs such as the Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy, Isuzu Ascender and Saab 9-7X. Sales have decreased on all the models, leading to the inevitable cutbacks and GM's announcement that 340 hourly workers will fall on the chopping block. The layoff will see the facility maintain its two-shift schedule, but it will reduce output by 8 vehicles per hour. Completion of the reorganization

We told you Monday that GM was considering cutting truck production at its Pontiac Assembly Center, and today it became official. Production of full-size GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado pickups will be cut from 54.5 an hour to 45 an hour starting in September.