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REPORT: GM working on four mode hybrid system

2009 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado Hybrids - Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Toyota to give hybrid technology to GM?

According to a report in Japan's Daily Yomiuri newspaper, Toyota is willing to give General Motors access to its hybrid technology, free of charge. Why in the world would they do that, you ask? Apparently, Toyota doesn't want to see the crucial American market weaken any further and would benefit from the exchange by having its Hybrid Synergy Drive become the standard hybrid technology all over the world.

Component shortage may threaten GM hybrid plan

In its viability plan submitted to the U.S. Treasury, General Motors promised to boost the number of hybrids in the company's lineup to 26 models by 2014, up from eight today. Although there are no concerns that the technology would be ready, there could be shortage of certain parts. According to what Tom Stephens, GM executive vice president of global powertrain and global quality, told Xavier Navarro

GM sold 2,555 hybrids in December, HUMMER sales cut in half

All things considered, it appears that we think of GM's 2,555 hybrid sales in December a success. GM's press release (posted after the jump) certainly makes it all smell like roses. The 2.5k deliveries are up from the 1,957 hybrids the General sold in September. At that time, GM was averaging about 1,000 hybrids a month for 2008, and the trend has been upward since then, and for all of 2008, GM sold 14

GMC Yukon hybrid featured in Macy Parade

General Motors is the Official Vehicle Supplier for the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. There, now you've learned your requisite something new for the day. This year, The General decided to trot out hybrid versions of the full-size GMC Yukon to pull various parade floats and giant balloon-things. Oddly, GM did absolutely nothing to advertise the fact that it would be having the hybrid 'utes take place i

GM powertrain plans: high-tech, low weight

Click above for more early images of the production Chevy Volt

GM hybrid finally starting to get a little traction, 1,149 in June

With five hybrid models on the market now and at least four more coming before the end of the year, General Motors' hybrid sales are looking less ugly than they did in the first three months of 2008. GM is still no threat to Toyota or even Ford, but sales have been steady (if slow) for the last couple of months. For the first time in their monthly sales report for June, GM has explicitly