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Ewanick's crafty budgeting, Farley Award, led to ousting

In the end it doesn't really matter, as Joel Ewanick is no longer working at General Motors. But curiosity over what led to his departure is still keen, and this latest story from Bloomberg offers further insight into Jeff Sabatini

Global Marketing Chief Joel Ewanick leaves GM

General Motors Global Marketing Chief Joel Ewanick is no longer with the company. A press release issued by GM states that Ewanick had "elected to resign immediately," while a report by Automotive News claims he was dismissed, with GM spokesman Greg Martin commenting, "He failed to meet the expectations the company has of an employee." With no further elaboration, it's impossible to s

Chevrolet follows Cadillac into the advertising agency review breach

Some loyalties run deep in Detroit, take Chevrolet's relationship with its advertising agency. Campbell-Ewald has been urging people to buy bowties since 1922, when a single magazine ad contained more words than a BMW press release. Chevrolet's account is huge, and the automaker is not looking to make a clean break from its long-time agency, the layer-cake of ongoing efforts is far too tall for that. What's most likely to happen is that Chevrolet will accept outside pitches from hungry, creative

What's Worth What? AdAge looks at values of automakers' marketing accounts

Although auto industry money is a bit tight at the moment, in order to sell vehicles, automakers have to buy advertising. Lots of advertising, in big, expensive campaigns with high production values and creative that's at the vanguard of style. Advertising agencies that can handle the needs of giant clientele with international brands are still happy to welcome automotive accounts through the doors.

Detroit 3 given naming rights to Comerica Park fountain for free

There is no place in the country that's hurting more right now than Detroit and the state of Michigan. The mitten has lost hundreds of thousands of high paying auto jobs, and General Motors and Chrysler have resorted government loans just to stay in business. Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch knows this all too well, and attendance at games this year will likely realize just how bad times are. The Little Caesar's pizza founder even lost GM as the sponsor of his high profile center field fountain

GM dealers will need to bear heavy advertising burden

General Motors has slashed its advertising budget by 20% for 2009, according to Ed Peper, VP at Chevrolet. Still, there are at least two new products that are coming from Chevrolet this year, and both of them will need a big head start if they're going to make headway in this luke-warm market. After all, a botched or mistimed launch is something that could easily bring GM to its knees. For this reason, most of the available resources will be spent on the new Jeremy Korzeniewski