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Fiat Chrysler UAW corruption had roots in federal bailout of Chrysler

Prosecutors say FCA used its $12.5 billion bailout to buy influence from UAW leaders

Shift to electric vehicles weighs heavy on UAW-GM talks

EVs need fewer components and staff to build them

Department Of Justice May Launch Latest Investigation Of General Motors

U.S. House of Representatives intends to hold hearings on delayed recall

The Department of Justice will investigate General Motors to see whether it failed to recall more than 1.37 million defective cars in timely fashion, according to a report published by Reuters on Tuesday afternoon.

Romney Campaign Runs Misleading Auto Bailout Ad In Ohio

The auto industry rescue is key to winning a critical battleground state

A new TV ad produced by the Romney-Ryan campaign, running in Ohio heading into the last week of the Presidential campaign, severely distorts the facts of the auto bailout in the hopes of swaying independent voters.

Is GM's Big Bet On Volt Headed For The Ditch?

Innovative, fun and fuel-efficient, the Volt suffers from consumer apprehension about any EV tech

General Motors is losing as much $49,000 each time it sells a Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle, according to analysis done by Reuters news service. The chief reason is the high start-up costs of the car and the so-far disappointing response from consumers.

Strengthening Auto Industry Sales Point To U.S. Economic Recovery

Latest sales figures show across-the-board improvement for carmakers

From fuel-efficient subcompact cars to full-size pickup trucks, the auto industry reported across-the-board sales increases Tuesday during the month of August.

Resurgence Of GM's Design, Led By Ed Welburn, Has Not Gone Unnoticed

Welburn, the highest ranking African American in the U.S. auto industry, has helped GM weather tough times

Secret service agents flanked both sides of the vehicle. A crowd of reporters snaked behind a rope about 20 feet away. Camera flashes documented every possible angle of the meeting taking place. It was a strange setting for a private conversation..

Got a problem with GM? Talk to its new VP of Customer Experience

Meet Paul Copses, the first U.S. vice president of Customer Experience for General Motors. Starting October 1 2011, Copses will take responsibility for charming and keeping customers for the General Motors suite of automotive brands. Mark Reuss, GM North America President, will get direct reports from Copses, and regular updates will also be provided to Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson.

GM reports 16% December increase, calendar 2010 sales up 21%

General Motors rounded out 2010 on a high note. December ended with a 16-percent rise in sales versus the same month in 2009 and GM's four core brands managed to sell 21-percent more vehicles in 2010 than 2009. Factor in the four brands that were axed and the General still sold 118,435 more vehicles, or six-percent, more this year than last. Much of the success at year's end is tha

GM IPO is go!

As expected, following yesterday's nationwide election proceedings, General Motors has filed the details on its forthcoming Initial Public Offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Report: Four former Delphi execs set to go on trial

The Securities and Exchange Commission is moving forward with charges against four former Delphi executives, including the company's ex-CEO, J.T. Battenberg III. Paul Free, the company's former controller and chief accounting officer, Milan Belans, who served as the director of capital planning and Catherine Rozanski, Delphi's former accounting director are all facing a civil suit along with Battenbe

UAW protests... itself?

A group of union members are reportedly unhappy about the two-tier wage system that the United Auto Workers agreed to for the General Motors Orion Township plant. According to the Detroit Free Press, around 100 current and retired union workers from three states descended on the UAW's Detroit headquarters to protest the move on Saturday.

Chevrolet statement looks to clear the air on how Volt works

2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

Chevrolet statement looks to clear the air on how Volt works

2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

Report: GM courting Middle East, Asian sovereign wealth funds ahead of IPO

General Motors has been busy courting potential investors for the company's upcoming IPO. According to Bloomberg, the manufacturer has met with wealth funds in both the Middle East and Asia in an attempt to feel out global interest in the company's stock. The article says that GM's bankers are planning to meet with three large investment firms, including Saudi Arabia-based Kingdom Holding Company, Abu Dhabi-based Mubadela Develop

GM Belgium factory shutting down after failure to find buyer

General Motors is shutting the doors on its Antwerp, Belgium manufacturing facility after failing to find a buyer for the plant. According to Automotive News, companies from both the United States and China expressed interest in the factory, but GM says that neither could come up with a sustainable business strategy that would keep the doors open and workers employed. The plant currently provides work for around 1,300 people who

Report: U.S. breaks even if GM stock hits $133.78

According to Neil Barofsky, the treasury department's inspector general, in order for the U.S. government to break even on its investment in General Motors, the company's stock will have to hit at least $133.78 a share. Thanks to the massive auto industry bailout, the government currently holds a total of 304 million shares of common stock and $2.1 billion in preferred stock in the automaker. According to The Detroit News, Barofs

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