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One one hand, we have the HUMMER H2, which is pretty much the least green vehicle on the road; indeed, if the Prius is the standard bearer by which others are judged, the H2 is the pallbearer. On the other hand, we have liquefied petroleum gas. LPG, as it's more commonly referred, burns much cleaner than gasoline and just about any internal combustion engine can be converted to run on the fuel. What happens when you combine the two?

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Germany's GeigerCars has an affinity for American metal, and is unafraid to go to wacky extremes in its efforts to create its customized whips. Often, HUMMER provides the canvas for these tuners with dubs on their brains, and the arrival of the V8-powered H3 Alpha has inspired them to whip up a new ground pounder. The result is the HUMMER H3 GT you see here. An engine software tune, new intake, and sport exhaust (note the dual outlets in back) boost the Alpha's numbers to 335 horsepower and 323

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It's official. Everyone loves a HUMMER. What else are we supposed to think when we get word of a big HUMMER rally in -- get ready -- Munich! You know Munich, that would be in Germany, which is in Europe, where we're repeatedly told no one wants a big, ugly gas-guzzling Suburban Assault Vehicle like a HUMMER.

As if we needed another reason not to wind up on the wrong side of the law in Texas, this 700-horsepower Hummer H2 with 28-inch rims clinches it. An unnamed Texas sheriff commissioned GeigerCars based in Europe to build the black-and-white beast. It's powered by a 7.0L supercharged V8 making the aforementioned Texas-sized allotment of 700 horses. You can see that the suspension's been lowered and tightened up to handle the extra power and larger eight-pot stoppers have been installed. The bigger