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Here's why automakers roll out those Texas-themed pickup trucks

Everything is bigger in Texas, including truck sales.

Hybrid tech won't save the full size SUV as new Tahoe/Yukon cancelled

It looks like the theory behind the creation of full-size hybrid SUVs may not hold water, at least from a marketing perspective. Certainly adding a hybrid drivetrain to a big truck will save more gas for a given number of miles driven than doing the same to a smaller more efficient car. At the same time these vehicles will still use more fuel than a smaller vehicle even at the higher mileage levels they achieve. The pitch from automakers like GM and Chrysler was that some people still need the c

No more body on frame SUVs likely from GM

The current GMT920 full-size SUVs from General Motors are very likely to be the last of their kind from the Detroit automaker. Even though new fuel economy standards give the big trucks a break based on their footprint, radical changes are likely for the next-generation models. A fully-equipped Tahoe is well over 5,500lbs and a big part of reducing fuel consumption in the next few years will be weight reduction. One step in that direction will be a shift from the body on frame designs these vehi

Spy Shots: 2009 Dodge Ram

Just because Chrysler Corp. was sold doesn't mean work on upcoming vehicles has slowed any. Shots of the 2009 Dodge Ram have surfaced and show a new direction for the full-size truck that started the "big rig" look. The new Ram will have a front end with a lot less surface area than the current model in order to improve the truck's aerodynamics and hopefully increase fuel economy as a result. Through the camoflouge we can see a grille not unlike that of the Charger's, with a chunky crosshair gri

NBC's Dateline trolling for racism and religious intolerance in NASCAR?

NBC's Dateline has been looking to compile an episode on anti-Muslim attitudes here in the United States, and to kick things off, the news program decided to take "Muslim-looking men" and a camera crew into the Martinsville NASCAR event. We're not quite sure what the goal of this was, but you'll have to excuse us if we don't believe that they were simply expecting a friendly and accommodating environment. Fortunately for NASCAR, motorsports, and toler