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So, we pretty much know exactly what it'll look like

Coming soon to a hydrogen fuel station near you ... well, if you're in California.


One is a minivan. Or a crossover. Or something. The other's a bus.

With a 621-mile range, concept can go longer than your bladder can.


"General Motors believes in an all-electric future."

"General Motors believes in an all-electric future."


It and Toyota are coming to EVs a bit late in the game.

Quick Spin

One rare misstep by Honda. One where it nails the details.

The thinking from Honda is that each of these powertrains is best for a certain customer.


The hydrogen-fueled extender adds 125 miles of range.

UPS will start testing an electric truck with a hydrogen fuel-cell range-extender in Sacramento by the end of September.


The concept truck has a 200-mile range.

The 670-horsepower truck uses two Mirais worth of fuel cells.


Dare we call it a trend?

Batteries are getting better and cheaper, quickly.


FE stands for Future Eco.

A production version is set to launch in early 2018.


Like the car, the commercial is limited to California markets.

Put that H20 button to good use.


SimpleFuel generates hydrogen from water, and fuels at 700 bar.

This hydrogen fueling station fits in your garage.


Hyundai's next line of fuel cell SUVs will have a range of 348 miles, besting the current Hyundai Tucson by 30 percent.


Honda has been selling the hydrogen cars in Japan since March.

Look for them at H2 stations all over the state.


Four other automakers will deploy fuel-cell vehicles in EU project.

This is Honda's next step in zero-emissions driving.


Lexus exec implies that it'd take an SUV to fit desired fuel-cell powertrain.

Lexus may launch fuel-cell vehicle with a 300-horsepower mill, not the Mirai's 152-hp powertrain.


Automaker cuts $150 off the lease price to spur sales.

You still get three years of free hydrogen, though.


Tesla has longer range, but Toyota Mirai goes the furthest in a day.

But the Toyota Mirai claims victory with the longest all-electric drive in 24 hours.


The full reveal will be at the Association of the United States Army trade conference.