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Study: Commercial hybrid market boom coming in next 6 years

Improving the fuel efficiency of hulking commercial vehicles is a seriously important consideration for fleet managers who want to reduce operating expenses and for people in the communities where these vehicles work who don't like diesel exhaust. Remember, going from six to nine miles per gallon has a much bigger impact than on annual fuel use than going from 36 to 39 (see

Fuel-saving telematics industry poised for nine-fold growth in seven years says Frost & Sullivan

If you don't know what telematics is now, Frost & Sullivan is pretty sure you will by 2015. The word telematics is a blend of telecommunication and informatics, and the way it's being used here is to mean the way cars can communicate with the grid and the Internet. See examples here, Sebastian Blanco

The hidden joys of the recent EV announcements

AutoblogGreen reader David sent us a link to his post (at least, I believe it's his own) on the hidden joys of upcoming EVs we all will benefit from. In some cases, the "future" EV is coming soon, and David has a positive reaction to recent announcements of the Tesla Roadster EV and the Sebastian Blanco