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Formula One gets the go ahead to start hybridizing

The powers that be in Formula One have been tossing around ideas for making the sport more environmentally and technologically relevant for several years. While many if not most of the readers would respond to that discussion with the answer that it should just be shut down, the FIA is unlikely to do that anytime soon. Barring that drastic option, there are still some interesting possibilities. Most recently, the discussion has focused on Sam Abuelsamid

EU wants Formula One to get more environmentally relevant

Up through the mid-nineties, Formula One racing was a bastion of technological innovation. Cars ran with 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder engines. There were naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. They had active suspension systems. Since that time the sports governing body, the FIA has been clamping down with more and more restrictive rules. Cars must run standardized fuels, have V-8 engines of 2.4L displacement and now even have standard engine ECUs. Le Mans style sports car racing on th

Petrobras develops first Formula 1 biofuel, a secret blend

Although ethanol is already being used in some American and