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Ford GTX1 Prototype – Click above for image gallery

Click image for hi-res gallery of the GTX1

The Ford GT was such an awesome car. Still is, but we use the past tense here to denote the recent completion of its production run. Mr. Top Gear himself, Jeremy Clarkson has made this car into somewhat of a legend among legends by documenting all the travails he's experienced with his personal GT. More so than the Corvette (even the vaunted Z06) or Viper, the Ford GT is the modern American supercar; mid-engined, with 550 hp, track car handling and styling inherited from one of the most iconic r

The Ford GTX1 was the ultimate aspiration vehicle on display at least year’s SEMA trade show. Later news that you could have your own GT decapitated and transformed into a GTX1 for an extra $38K further established the car as the most auspicious pit into which one could sink some disposable income.

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