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Between now and 2011, Ford Motor Company will invest $1.02 billion in its Brazilian operations (on top of the previously announced $139 million the company plans to spend on product development and capacity expansion at its Sao Paulo state plant). Ford announced the investment Thursday, along with the confirmation that it will buy the Brazilian off-road vehicle maker Troller for an undisclosed amount. Brazil is the world's most advanced ethanol market.

Man, I wish I spoke Portuguese. There's news out recently that Ford Brazil is looking to buy Brazilian automaker Troller Veiculos Especiais SA, which makes two models of off road vehicles, the Jeep-like T4 and the Pantanal truck. Hearing this, and knowing Brazil's ethanol-happy auto market, I thought I'd try and see if this buyout might be an under-the-radar way for Ford to boost its E85 plans in America. No such luck.