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Ford expands fuel cell test fleet tests by two years

We've been following the Ford fuel cell fleet for two years now, and have done our own in-depth test drive of the hydrogen-powered Focus. Ford has been keeping a detailed record of their own experience with these advanced powertrain vehicles and likes what it sees. The company announced today that t

Focus production to expand to second plant in 2010

In yet another sign of the times at Ford, it looks like the factory that builds what was not so long ago the best-selling SUV on the plant is shifting gears. Ford's Louisville, KY assembly that has built the Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer for two decades will switch to building small cars in 2010. The current Focus will be replaced by a model developed by Ford of Europe at that time and production will be expanded from the current Wayne, MI assembly location location to Louisville. With t

Ford of Italy adds LPG option to the Focus and C-Max

Ford of Italy has announced a new LPG-option for the Focus and the C-Max. The option comes from a kit sourced from BRC Equipment and can be installed by M.T.M. s.r.l. (owned by BRC). The kit allows the vehicles to use either unleaded gasoline or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). The kit is installed to the 2.0-liter 145 HP gasoline engine. The new gas reservoir is installed into the gap usually reserved for the spare tire, holds up to 48 liters of LPG (enough for up to 400 kilometers of driving). T

2008 Ford Focus qualifies as partial zero emissions vehicle (PZEV) in California

The new U.S.-market 2008 Ford Focus may not offer the diesel engines available to European buyers, but it can produce some exceptionally clean exhaust. Buyers in California can choose a variation that meets the requirements for a Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV) certification. To get that honor cars must meet the Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle standard, emit no fuel vapors and offer an extra long 15-year, 150,000-mile warranty on emissions equipment. The SULEV emissions standard means the

Think you can out-design Detroit? $100 gas card to the winner

The 2008 Ford Focus gets 35 mpg on the highway. Back in 1997, the Ford Escort (the Focus' predecessor) wagon got 34 miles (37 under the old EPA system). That's not much of an improvement in the last decade. Ecomodder thinks people can do better. That's why the website is offering up a $100 gas card to the best redesign of a 1997 Escort wagon

Euro-spec Ford Focus diesel rated at 42 mpg!

When Ford redesigned U.S.-spec Focus, they dumped the hatchback and wagon models and gave the sedan and new coupe a style that almost no one thought was an improvement. Fortunately for European drivers, the refreshed Euro Focus came out much better. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September Ford added new front and rear styling in keeping with the Kinetic design of other new Euro-Fords. One more thing the Euro-Focus gets that ours doesn't is a diesel engine, specifically a 2.0L turbo four with 13

2008 Ford Focus gets 35 mpg on the highway

The Ford Focus is one of Ford's basic, popular models. For 2008, Ford is happily announcing a 35 mpg-on-the highway number for this year's Focus (unfortunately, that's down from 37 for the 2007 model UPDATE: Sorry, the new EPA system got me here. The 2007 Ford Focus gets between 29-33 mpg using the new numbers, depending on the version). Some people might be excited about the debut of the Ford Sync system