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Maybe it's a good thing that American biofuel plants are filing for bankruptcy protection. According to a previously secret report conducted by the World Bank and obtained by the Guardian newspaper, biofuel production is hugely responsible for the food price crisis. How much? The report - the "most detailed analysis of the crisis so far," in the Guardian's words - says that biofuels caused global food prices to rise by 75 percent. This is much higher than previous estimates. Food Before Fuel est

This morning, the most intelligent host in talk radio, Diane Rehm, spent the first hour of her show discussing food prices in America, with a focus on ethanol's effect on the cost of just about anything edible in our society. Her guests were Bruce Babcock, professor of economics and the director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University; Dan Morgan, special correspondent, Washington Post and fellow at the German Marshal Fund of the United States; and Lauren Et