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Review: L.A. Premiere of Josh Tickell's "Fuel"

Josh Tickell with producer and fiancee Rebecca Harrell

Josh Tickell takes award-winning Fields of Fuel movie on tour

If you've just made a movie all about biodiesel (and some ethanol), woudn't the National Biodiesel Conference be a perfect place to promote it? That's exactly what Josh Tickell did at a private screening this past week in Orlando, Florida with his Fields of Fuel film. The documentary recently won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Film at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is

Solazyme will drive algae biodiesel-fueled car at Sundance

At the Sundance film festival this week, Solazyme is promoting its scalable process that makes biodiesel from algae by driving a car through the busy streets of Park City, Utah. The Mercedes is fueled by Soladiesel, the Solazyme biodiesel that is "biodegradable, nontoxic and safe

Josh Tickell's Fields of Fuel documentary screening at Sundance on Monday

My how time flies. Back in December 2006, AutoblogGreen sat down with Josh Tickell, the author of Biodiesel America: How to Achieve Energy Security, Free America from Middle-East Oil Dependence and Money Growing Fuel and the driver of the Veggie Van. Back then, he talked about filming a cross-country biodiesel education trip in the van. That movie - called Sebastian Blanco