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Ferrari hybrid V8 arriving next year, could power Ferrari SUV

Expect it to improve both performance and fuel economy

Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne says the sports car maker will introduce a hybrid V8 next year.

Ferrari is planning an all-electric supercar and an SUV

An SUV wearing a Prancing Horse could come as early as 2019.

Sergio Marchionne says Ferrari will both build its first electric supercar and debut its first ever SUV, with the latter arriving sometime in either 2019 or 2020.

Ferrari SUV and Aston Martin in Formula E? | Autoblog Podcast #529

We also debate the Colorado ZR2 and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and discuss Nissan ProPilot.

And, of course, we spend your money.

Ferrari SUV officially being considered

... but hold off on that order. A final decision is still 2.5 years away

We're guessing it will happen.

Ferrari SUV is probably happening

New report corroborates another recent one.

It's part of a plan to keep expanding Ferrari sales.

eBay Find of the Day: The Jerrari

Click above for gallery of the Jerrari

Ferrari SUV reportedly has codename F151, concept coming in 2010

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/motorsport/Ferrari_2010_SUV_F151'; Leave it up to the blokes at AutoExpress to bring details about the rumored, and oft denied, Cayenne competitor from Ferrari. The Brit pub supposedly has the inside scoop on what could be the biggest brand dilution in the history of automobiledom, and it currently goes by the codename F151.

Rendered Speculation: Ferrari SUV that's not going to happen

Rumors of Ferrari producing an SUV have been around for years, probably ever since the Porsche Cayenne arrived and proved that a marque with the highest of sporting credentials could get away with offerings such a clod to its clientele. Nevertheless, Ferrari fans scoff at the idea, with some here at Autoblog exclaiming they will draw their last breath before Maranello builds an SUV.