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Looks like we'll be seeing the F430 Challenge Stradale at Frankfurt. Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo basically told reporters as much at the Geneva auto show. The model that will debut in Frankfurt is an evolution of the F430, which is expected to be more powerful and lighter than the current coupe through the use of F1 engineering and technology. This will follow the pattern Ferrari set with the 360 series, when a Challenge racecar was built off that platform, then a street version

When we close our eyes and think "Challenge Stradale," images of candy-cane curbing and wheel-to-wheel action comes to mind. In the tradition of past CS models, Ferrari is in the process of reengineering their F430 down to the bare essentials to compete with the similarly stripped Porsche 911 RS model. Left Lane News has procured shots of the ready-to-race F430 in Stradale guise and aside from a boom mic mounted on the rear bumper to record that sumptuous exhaust note, there is plenty more to ge