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Felix Baumgartner pilots a helicopter startlingly close to a drifting Toyota GT86 in this latest visual spectacle from Red Bull, filmed at an event in Poland.


There are plenty of commonalities to be found between astronauts and racing drivers. Both are daredevils by definition (if not by trade), both subject themselves to unfathomable G forces and both face very real risks when strapped into machinery that makes the very best use of advanced propulsion, aerodynamics and composite construction technologies. Yet you don't find much crossover between the two. There was talk of Niki Lauda, himself an experienced pilot, training to go into space with Virgi

Ed. The jump was a success and the live video feed has been replaced with the mission highlights below.

Extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner has his eye on history as he attempts to break a 52-year-old record--and the sound barrier--by skydiving from 120,000 feet (approximately 23 miles).