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Are you the parent of a teenager who hasn't found enough reason to hate your ever-loving guts? Well then OnStar has a new product for you. Dubbed Family Link, the new service will tell you exactly where your OnStar-equipped vehicle is at any time. It will even send you emails or text messages at particular times of day with a location update. It's OnStar's first separately priced feature from its main suite of services, and at $3.99/month is an inexpensive way to invade the privacy of your loved


Your children use the Internet for social media, Wikipediaing (yep, we just made that up) their homework and drowning in the misery that is a teenager's life. You, on the other hand, use the Internet for work... and social media and Wikipediaing your kid's homework. Now, OnStar has another way for you to use the web, and it involves your family as well.