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Ford wins brownfield revitalization award for Fairlane Green

Automakers seem to like working on making brownfields a little less brown. Chrysler is working with Michigan State University on growing biofuel crops on the dirty soil, and Ford needed to do a lot of cleaning up after itself at its Minneapolis-St. Paul-area Highland Park property. Fo

Fairlane-based crossover confirmed for Lincoln

Automotive News is reporting today that Ford has confirmed to analysts that Lincoln will be getting a seven-passenger crossover vehicle based on the same platform as the upcoming production version of the Ford Fairlane. The Lincoln crossover's codename is D472 and it's expected to reach showrooms next year as a 2009 model. Here's the important nugget of info: the Lincoln crossover will not be a rebadged Ford Fairlane. While it will share "hard points" with the Fairlane, the entire skin should be

Fairlane under the knife, won't debut in Detroit

Despite what everyone thought was the plan, the production version of the upcoming Ford Fairlane family wagon will not debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in early January. Ford claims it was never scheduled to debut in Detroit, though Bob Thibodeau, a local Detroit Ford dealer and senior cochairman of NAIAS, told the Detroit Free Press he had it down on his official list.

Ford designer says Fairlane will look almost identical to concept

In an interview with Ward's Auto, Ford's chief creative officer (CCO?) and VP of design, J Mays explains that the similarities between the concept and the production versions of the Fairlane are profound. So much so, that some employees at FoMoCo can't tell the difference between the two.

Soccer moms lament: Ford axes minivans

You knew this was coming. Ever since Ford confirmed that the full-size Fairlane crossover (pictured) was going into production, the writing has been on the wall for Ford's big box minivans, and Friday the other shoe finally dropped, with The Detroit News reporting that Ford's minivans are dead.

Ford exec confirms Fairlane production for 2008

With the clock winding down on its slow-selling minivans, a Ford Motor executive has finally confirmed that a production version of the Ford Fairlane concept car is planned for 2008, after months of rumors and reports. According to suppliers, Lincoln will also get a version of the new crossover. This news comes after The Detroit News cited "insiders" within the company last month who claimed the Fairlane

Ford Fairlane greenlighted for production

Say goodbye to the Ford minivans.The Detroit News is reporting that the Fairlane concept has been green lighted and will debut in production form during next year's auto show circuit. With its minivan sales in steady decline since 2000, FoMoCo has apparently decided to face the problem head-on by attacking that m