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Giant kite, Evonic technologies help Wind Explorer EV cross Australia

Turns out, you can drive a unique electric vehicle all the way across Australia on less than $15 worth of electricity. You just need some kite assistance (or, yes, solar power). The Wind Explorer that made this trek is now on display at Evonik's New Jersey office, since the company worked on the quirky EV.

Daimler and Evonik invest €200M more for ten-fold li-ion cell production boost by 2013

Mercedes-Benz concept BlueZero - Click above for high-res image gallery

Evonik-Daimler Li-Ion battery JV to build factory this fall, applications in 2012

Mercedes-Benz concept BlueZero - Click above for high-res image gallery

Daimler looking for an extra partner in its lithium battery venture

Late last year, Daimler AG announced that it would partner with Evonik for the development and manufacturing of automotive lithium ion batteries. Daimler bought half of Evonik's LiTec battery unit at that time. Now, Daimler is looking to bring in another partner for the project. At this time, its not clear if that would be a partner on the battery side to bring in more technology,

Daimler to bring lithium batteries in-house through JV with Evonik

It looks like Daimler AG doesn't plan to rely solely on suppliers for lithium ion batteries going forward. Traditionally, automakers prefer to keep most powertrain development in-house as one of the primary differentiators from other manufacturers. As these companies move forward into hybrid and electric drive vehicles, the battery pack is becoming an ever-more integral part of the powertrain.