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The window sticker's story, and why you should be glad we have it

Imagine walking into a car dealership blindfolded, not knowing for certain what exactly you were paying for when buying that shiny, brand-new vehicle on the showroom floor. Imagine not being able to see a list price for each individual vehicle option and add on, not knowing for sure how much the destination charge was, or even what the list price of the vehicle itself was. Instead, you'd have to trust the dealer's word on all of that. Sounds a little bit crazy, right?


These Cars Have Continent-Crushing Range With Around-Town Dimensions

You don't need a twin-tank, mammoth SUV to find huge driving range these days. Going for 600+ miles between fill-ups is a breeze for these top ten competitors in the compact-or-smaller classes.


IIHS Finds Death Rates Dramatically Vary Depending On Make And Model

New car designs are playing a prominent role in reducing traffic deaths, but the odds of getting killed in a car accident still dramatically vary depending on the make and model of your car.

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Follow these steps to keep your car feeling fresh and new

Just as the way you live can age your body, the way you drive can add years to your car.

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Back in college, I was the house and risk manager for my fraternity. As you can imagine, this was a stressful job, as I was forced to monitor not only the many idiotic whims of my brothers, but the potential impact those ideas had on our house.

Vehicles tend to be pricier out west

The farther west you shop, the most expensive it is to score a used car, according to a new study from CarGurus.


One Car Will Beat The 707-HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat... Barely

Despite what my high school algebra teacher might have told you about my math skills, I've always been a little bit of a stats geek. I grew up organizing my baseball cards by batting average and ERA, before falling into the wonderful, nerdy arms of the Strat-O-Matic corporation (I'm offering a virtual high-five to those of you that know what that means without having to click the link).

Auto Accessories

Common auto parts can be found for much cheaper at stores or online

Some replacement parts can be found much cheaper from your local warehouse store or auto parts outlet. These are five items that you can buy aftermarket without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Trainer Jerry Thibeau's ninjas teach salespeople how to "work the phones"

When you start calling dealerships about your next new car, consider this: The salesperson at the other end of the line could be a veritable ninja in the use of the phone as a sales tool.

Knowing when to change tires will keep you safe on the road

Even the most sophisticated braking systems won't work if the tires aren't gripping the road. Maintaining your tires and replacing them when necessary is vital to safety.

One writer learned the hard way whether or not to take the extra car rental insurance

Wahhh-whoooosh went the air all around me, a sudden change of pressure that thundered in my eardrums as multiple airbags deployed down the length of the car with the deafening side impact. Before I could even process what was happening, it was over.

Make sure you're getting all the discounts you can in order to keep costs down

It's well-documented that teens are the most dangerous drivers on the road. Per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely than drivers age 20 and older to be involved in a fatal crash, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Beyond this sobering statistic, it's not surprising that adding a teen to your automotive policy results in an increase in the policy's cost. What is surprising is how much that increase varies from state to state.

Simple steps to save you money

Buying a car is one of those huge occasional purchases that can get any consumer's blood pressure rising. As with buying any big-ticket purchase consumers can avoid bad deals and financial distress by being empowered with the right information.


Extras like clear-coat protection aren't worth even a few extra bucks

A trip to the neighborhood car wash also presents car owners with choices: the basic wash; the better wash with "a special paint sealer" or some-such thing; and finally the pristine treatment with "rust inhibitor". Which do you choose? Do these extra offerings have any validity?

Following just a few tips can dramatically help you out at the dealer

Before you go out shopping for a new car, read these five rules of negotiation put together by the experts and editors at AOL Autos.

Being a smart, prepared shopper can save you big money

Airlines cleared $3.5 billion in baggage and seat fees in 2012. Fees are practically a hidden economy across all industries. And buying a car is no different. But there are ways to be tough with a new or used car dealer in the negotiations. And going after some of those pesky fees on the invoice is one of them.

We tell you what to expect if you think you have the right stuff

It is not uncommon for someone who has been laid off from a job and disconnected from a career to go get their real estate license in the hopes of a second career selling houses. But we rarely hear about people making a second career out of selling cars.

Lauren Fix answers your questions about fuel economy and more

I purchased a Honda 2013 Accord 4DR EX-L on Oct. 1, 2012. As time goes by, I have questions and concerns. When I'm driving and then I go to use the brake, the car hesitates or jumps a few times.


Maintenance tips on how to stay out of the mechanic's garage

The last time we talked about preventing things from going wrong on a car, it was the five most expensive repairs that can be avoided with proper and smart maintenance. Those hideous wallet busters were provided to us by the folks at CarMD. Now, we tackle the top five most common repairs you can avoid through proper maintenance.

Don't wait any longer, or you may find yourself out of luck

If the midwest snow storm this week can teach us one lesson, it's that it's never too early in the season to start thinking about winter tires.

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