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ECOtality has hastily strung together one of the largest electric vehicle initiatives in the U.S. With the recent addition of Texas, ECOtality's EV Project now reaches 16 cities spread throughout six states and reaching out to the District of Columbia as well. More specifically, the areas of Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin, TX have been added to the short list of locations selected to receive 15,000 total chargers, some free of charge, through the EV Project. Tony DiSalle, product and marketing dir

OK, as we just posted, we know that Nissan is getting involved in large EV projects in Europe, Israel and Japan. Minoru Shinohara (pictured above with the Pivo 2 concept), senior vice president of the technology development department at Nissan said during the CEATEC Exhibition in Japan that Nissan is exploring wireless recharging. For some people (that'd be me!), the hassle of plugging in their car might be a real challenge or just an easy thing to forget. Seeking Alpha gives hints that Nissan