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The new Ford Fiesta - available used sometime next decade

I'm sure there's a nifty formula floating around somewhere that can tell us precisely at what point it makes more sense to load up two smaller delivery trucks instead of packing a huge one full as heck and adding a trailer or two. But until we find and use that formula, I'll pass on the ideas from EurotaxGlass's Glass's Guide to Commercial Vehicle Values, which has come out with the recommendation that the popular (in Europe) 3.5 ton panel vans are not the most efficient models for delivery comp

Yesterday I was out and about in town. I was biking – yes, through the snow – and about fell of my bike when I passed a gas station selling regular unleaded for $1.89. They not only had the price displayed on the corner sign like all gas stations, but they had a handwritten sign on the frozen lawn that included at least one exclamation point. They're right to hype this price; it's been a long time since gas sold for less than $2 a gallon here in Michigan.

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